hand warmers survival tips and tricks 

Hand warmers not only can keep your hands warm for seven hours but even can be used for body warmth
40 pairs $25.25
240 pair $231.79

Flameless heaters survival tips n tricks

 Price range
one for $1.75
24 for $34.95
72 for $94.95

zero degree sleeping bag staying war survival tips

Zero degree sleeping bag $94.95

ready for survival tips in Alum tents

Aluminum & insulated interior coated to reflect body heat designed to retain warmth, very light weight, and comes with poles, tie downs, pegs and carry case. 

Ready survival tips Fire Start Flint

FIRE STARTER Was $5.95 Now $4.95
We supply the Survival Tips and Tricks List of survival readiness so you don't have to

   Zero Down Grocery Bill

Survival tips on Zero Down Grocery Bills and there's no survival trick to this old school remedy. See for yourself

  Survival Tips and Tricks Water Filter Two
Was $94.95 Now $89.95

   srvival tips and tricks water filters

Was $84.95 Now $76.49

survival tricks n tips tools

Compact Folding Shovel $10.95

Military Prismatic Sighting Compass $12.75

Gerber Camp Axe II $52.00

survival tips & tricks more survival tools

Gerber machete with saw blade military-grade mildew-resistant nylon sheath $22.49


Food Dehydrator as a survival tool for your Food Storage and Ready to Eat Dried food Supplies.
   The shopping mall of Peace of mine survival has a fine line of Excellent Food dehydrators available for your ready to eat food STORAGE supply needs. We have Excalibur Food Dehydrators available, and come with a how to preserve ready to eat meals well manual free with your purchase. Excalibur Food  Dehydrator supplies range from the economy size for ready to eat meals and all the way up to the deluxe heavy duty for your ready made meals. If you want to get ahead of the FOOD STORAGE process quickly, then I would recommend a bulk FOOD STORAGE supply of Freeze Dried ready made dehydrated foods, and MRE meals ready to eat to start with. Then every time you shop at the grocery store pickup an extra roast, bag of potatoes, produce fresh vegetables, fruits and use the food dehydrator to process your ready made FOOD STORAGE supplies. A food dehydrator would be a great addition to your food storage kits for ready made meals. You can Prepare the process of ready to eat dehydrated fruits, ready to eat dehydrated vegetables ready made dehydrated dairy ready made ready to eat dehydrated foods and meats. Have your very own emergency_preparedness ready to eat dried food storage supplies, and all done with food dehydrator a simple money saving survival tool. It's some what time consuming but enjoyable when you reach your ready made food  storage supplies, and ready to eat goals. We also have the mylar bags, and oxygen absorbers available to use with food dehydrators to give that extra storage life time. Another thing to consider is a how to can your own dehydrated ready made, and ready to eat FOOD STORAGE SUPPLIES. A DVD, Book Survival Stockpiling Secrets (S) is available on the second page (SURVIVAL Dried Foods II), and has valuable information on the topic of D.I.Y.(DO IT YOURSELF) Dehydrated food storage.  Be more independent of all your ready_to_eat_food supply needs with a food dehydrator and dehydrate your own ready to eat dehydrated meals and emergency food storage supplies! Think about it, Families within taking care of their own survival needs, from a community barn building get together to the pick of their crop from their Garden Heirloom seed supplies, and not relying on the trucking industry to deliver their groceries due to cost of fuel, that is the meaning of survival for the survivalist. Prepare today with a FOOD DEHYDRATOR, DEHYDRATOR SUPPLIES, and survive tomorrow! P.O.M.S

Survival Tips for your Survival Supplies
     Here's a survival tip that will aid to your food dehydrator survival supply equipment, and dehydrated ready to eat freeze dried meals. Its been reported that, "during a crisis all grocery store would be cleaned out in a matter of two hours, and also reported of serious injuries due to the stampede of panicked people". If you don't remember or think that is not true,  does black Friday's ring a bell? That was just a fight over price reduced sales. One item you can always count on vanishing from the shelves during a major crisis is staple survival goods. There's one way to avoid troubled times during a major crisis. Every time you go grocery shopping, pickup twenty mac and cheese two for a dollar. Stash ten or even more never to be seen again as a addition to your ready to eat freeze dried meals, and survival supply goals. You will be surprised on how fast that accumulates, and staples are a long term food storage supply item. I know many other good survival tips for your long term survival storage supply needs, CONTACT US on our guest book for information, and survival tips for Free as our way of saying thank you for shopping here at Peace of Mine Survival. P.O.M.S. Prepare today with A FOOD DEHYDRATOR and survive tomorrow with DEHYDRATED FOODS.

SURVIVAL TIPS & TRICKS:of what to do for water as a desperate last resort measure. An example would be of no means to start a fire to boil water and if one is going to lose one's life due to dehydration, then and only then one can use this method.

survival tips and tricks water filtering methods

Very handy filtering gadget to have as part of one's addition to survival gear. One for every
family member.

survival tips water filtering straw
Order one or a Dozen at $11.95 per Filter


SURVIVAL TIPS & TRICKS:Another method is to boil your water

Survival tricks & tips of how to properly boil & treat contaiminated  water

Survival tips & tricks pre-emergency check list
survival tips and tricks survival list of must have tools to survive

Survival tips & tricks on zero down no grocery bills and we show you how to do it!
SURVIVAL TIPS & TRICKS:We just had dinner tonight that I have made ten months ago. We had beef fajitas and it was just as delicious as it was in December of 2013. I just paid myself to feed my family a delicious fajita meal and you can do this too.  PLAN OUR MEAL SUPPLY ZERO DOWN NO GROCERY BILLS

survivaltips freeze your coffee

SURVIVAL TIPS & TRICKS: I just seen a favorite generic brand coffee just down sized from 32 oz to 27 oz and  they jacked the price up by two dollars. We the purchasing citizens are being hijacked to an acclimation of food price increases. So either you just don't buy it or one must tighten up the budget.

P.O.M.S. easy healthy garden Survival Tips and Tricks  for a great preforming garden like this one below.

survival tips and tricks to a space saving heathy thriving garden.

Save on one's garden space with poms survival tricks vertical and horizontal garden plant growing tips. Survival tip and trick 1: Know the vine type growing plants from the other type of plants are the tricks of a gardening space saver. Survival tip and tricks 2: Cucumbers, green beans any type, snow pea pods, tomato, egg plant, squash, to mention a few are climbers. Survival tip and tricks 3:  Use chicken wire, poles, lattice, and tomato cages as climbing material. Survival tip and tricks 4: Tomato cages do not discriminate and are not only used for tomatoes, these cages can be used for egg plant, bell peppers, hot peppers, and more. Survival tip and tricks 5: Another  survival tip and trick is to use lattice to create a trellis horizontal or vertical  for heavy big vine climbing crawlers like squash, zucchini, and small melons. Survival tip and tricks 6: The survival trick  to Chicken wire is to use two poles driven into the ground a couple of feet, about five feet apart, five feet above ground, and attached chicken wire to the poles. Survival garden tip and trick 7: This is used for crawling climbers like cucumbers all bean types, snow peas, and all of the lite weight crawlers.