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Take the red pill and pass the  dopamine receptors to the painful truth, or take the the blue pill and remain in one's blissful ignorance, one must decide!

Are you easily influenced by man and how man wants to form your mind into the fabrication and image that has been pushed by mega businesses like Hollywood? Where do you get your information about world history and self inflicting future events? Does Hollywood have any influence over you and how you think, or do you leave your Hollywood doped influence at the theater box office? It simply amazes me how much money Hollywood has made off the general public from the box office movie hit 2012! I really don't know how much influence Hollywood had over the general public, and how that may have formed an opinion of how are world was to come to an end? However if you were to Google prepare for December 21 2012 survival you will come up with 42.4 million results of articles, and why you should prepare for 2012! My curiosity got the best of me over this Mayan Calendar 2012 event and how Hollywood  pushes their dopamine on to the public. Did you know that the term Mayan calender produced 11.4 million search results? The joke today is a Mayan cartoon that displays the image of two Mayan's of the tribe at that time in history. One Mayan with the calender tablet cradled his arms makes a remark, "I only had enough room to go up to 2012". The other Mayan tribe member responded, "
Ha! That will freak somebody out someday". One can not be to careful about the influence that man may have over one's discernment. How many people do you think may have fell for that delusion of 2012 that has affected their discernment? I have seen a CNN report days prior to 2012 that reported 1 out of 3 Americans believed that something would happen on December 21, 2012. Sure polls are never accurate, for there was another poll reported during the month of May 2012 which estimated 1 out 10 believed in the 2012 end of the world scenario! So again I ask, "How many fell for that survival 2012 gimmick who bought in to the survival products due to the 2012 scenario"? The numbers must have been huge according to the Google search results! This is why peaceofminesurvival.com thinks out side the box of man's brainwashing, and we use discernment to see the true picture of what one should really be concerned with our world events. One with out good discernment is easy to control. If one's attention is focus on a certain situation long enough, one can totally miss out on what was really important and life saving. See this video http://www.Youtube.com/watch?v=IGQmdoK_ZfY . So do you see how the Media, Hollywood, and government can form the mind and opinions of the general public. This is why one can not be to careful of where one gets there information from, for it is easy to get miss lead if you don't use better judgement. The Media, Hollywood, and the Government will have you believe that we would be better off without are right to bear arms, and that's another deception that requires better discernment! You see illusions and deception plays hand in hand, and works very well to miss inform the public. Did you know that in the year of 2011, 195,000 deaths was due to medical malpractice. In that same year 12000 died from drunk drivers, 650 people was killed by a butcher knife, 496 was killed by a hammer, and 323 was killed by a gun! So why is the Media so focused on guns and not on medical malpractice, drunk drivers, knives, and hammers? Another deception that the media including Hollywood would have you believe is we need back ground checks! The Brady Bill was placed into legislation as of November 30th 1993, and was placed into law as of February 28th 1994.  This Law has already been efficient and covered all back ground checks (SEE HERE). They will argue that the Brady Bill wasn't effective and that 40,000 back ground checks have been missed . This is another deception place on the American people (SEE HERE). This was a survey conducted  before the Brady bill was placed into law. You see if they keep your eyes on the ball of lies long enough you may start to believe this to be true as well. Do you know what is stopping a criminal right now from breaking your front door down? It's because he or she does not know that you may be carrying a concealed weapon! What if it was made mandatory that only our school instructors are trained to handle a weapon and allowed to carry a conceal weapons on the school grounds? How much damage do you think a perpetrator can cause before he or she is taken down? Why isn't our media, and government implementing this idea into our system. Criminals don't care about gun laws for that is why they are criminals that do not respect others or the law! You need to take your eye off the ball that Media, Hollywood, and the Government serves to see what is really going on today. There are answers to the issues that we are dealing with today that are more rational and makes more sense. No, they can't suggest that idea as a reasonable solution, for this would defeat their real agenda, and perhaps that may be that gorilla that you just don't see. Don't take your eye off the ball because Hollywood wants to keep you in that box of brainwashing! Hollywood, Media, and Government celebrities do not care about your safety, but they are always concerned about their safety, and are protected by their hired Body Guards and they are heavily armed.  


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We are in the middle of a fiscal crisis. Our economy is disintegrating. Middle East uprisings and saber rattling are driving the price of oil up beyond previous imagined worst-case scenario projections, we have an unemployment rate of officially 10% (but more like 17%), the stock market is down, Treasuries are down, the dollar is falling, and we're being strangled by taxes, absurd environmental regulations, and a government that is out of touch with reality.

The latest head-shaking breach of public trust and irresponsibility is our Senate.

They're gone. They've packed it up and left the Hill.

I know ... they've had this "vacation" scheduled for some time now. But when your house is on fire and collapsing around you, vacation is NOT the first logical response to calamity.

Unless you're the United States Senate.

House members had stayed up many, many nights into the wee hours of the morning, performing the duties that the 111th Congress refused to do - putting together a budget for conducting the business of the United States. Saturday, at 4:41 in the morning, the House finished up its budget bill and sent it over to the Senate.

And was met with an empty chamber.

The Senate had left, adjourning two days before for a 10-day hiatus to celebrate George Washington's birthday. And here we sit, facing a government shut-down on March 4th when the previous budget continuing resolution expires.

Yes, it's more important that we make George Washington feel special by honoring his birthday. It's more important that Nevadans know that Harry Reid thinks the vice of prostitution is a more critical issue than the fiscal accountability that we, the people, deserve.

How did we get to this point that children are in control on Capitol Hill?

Could the People Be the Problem?

God gave us three institutions whose purpose is governing mankind. These are:

  • Family
  • The Church
  • Civil Government

While these three are obviously separate institutions, they have interwoven functions such that, if one falters, the others are affected. There is a unity of purpose among the three that cannot be breached without all areas feeling the effect.

With a 50% or better divorce rate, the family has suffered. The Church has become more interested in marketing goals than ministry needs. And our civil government is a reflection of both these breakdowns in the moral compass of the American people.

What Is the Goal of Government?

Would it surprise you to know that government is actually a ministry? That's what God calls it in Romans 13 from the New Testament. God calls the leaders of a people "ministers and deacons." In other words, they're God's errand boys. And in the exposition from Romans 13, the writer (the Apostle Paul) isn't talking about church hierarchy. He's speaking specifically of civil government.

However, that government should never attempt to take the place of God Himself. It should never try to usurp the role of sole arbiter over the lives of men. It should never attempt to wear the cloak of the Creator. If it does, that government will fall.

There has been a lot of debate in the Christian community about the role of Christians in the civil government and how we are to respond to civil government. Some people read Romans 13 and decide that we're to obey the government without question. However, that interpretation doesn't hold water. The author of Romans was in a Roman prison when he wrote this epistle to the Romans! He was in prison for preaching the gospel against the directives of the Roman government!

We must remember that in reading and interpreting Scripture, the first rule of thumb is that our interpretation must not be in conflict with any other passage of Scripture. There is a unity and cohesiveness to the whole of God's Word. God's Word clearly states that we're to have no other gods before Him, that it's His laws that we are to obey.

So when the Christian is in direct confrontation and conflict with the laws of the land, what is his response to be? That's something that can't be covered in an email. It's too long of a discussion or explanation. However, Pastor John Weaver has provided those insights in his book The Christian and Civil Government.

The Christian and Civil Government is a wonderful theological treatise on Romans 13, and helps clarify the lingering question - are we directed to obey our government without hesitation in all areas? Is there ever a time when civil disobedience is actually obedience to the higher calling of God when we are in direct conflict with a corrupt, unbiblical and ungodly civil government?

Pastor John Weaver is a graduate of Bob Jones University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and attended graduate school. He has been in the Christian ministry for over 40 years and he has helped plant several churches and Christian schools around the country. Pastor Weaver has traveled across America preaching and lecturing in churches, colleges and conferences.

The Christian and Civil Government , at the bargain price of $12.99 (plus shipping and handling), is the one book that should be on the bookshelves of any Christian patriot. Our country is spiraling downward, and it's up to God's people to stand up and make a difference. We're not talking about establishing some theological Christian caliphate. However, this country was founded on a Judeo-Christian foundation, and it's that foundation that is crumbling before our eyes.

We will always have a Congress that is a reflection of the people. When you look at today's Congress, is that the reflection you want to see? If it isn't, then it's up to you to transform that face.

And that transformation begins in the homes and churches of Christians throughout this country. It begins in understanding God's Word in relation to civil government. Order your copy of The Christian and Civil Government and begin to understand the vital role you play in the government of these United States.

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I have always wanted to believe that our government was run by people that, despite their mistakes, had good intentions, believed that our republic was based on sound principles of liberty and freedom, and that this liberty and freedom should be available to all people. I have grown up in the age of the United States as superpower, of our involvement in international affairs as arbiter, manipulator, and chess master. We have moved pieces around the international chess board in strategic ways that have brought down despotic tyrants and nations, and has dismantled walls.

This is my country, and I have loved her. But I no longer believe with blind naiveté in the benign actions of the federal government, in the people that roam the halls of our nation's capitol, or the upper echelons of the elite at the Pentagon.

I believe our nation's capitol is corrupted with the foul stench of puppet masters who want nothing more than world domination of the masses, continuing political unrest to further advance their goals, and who have no more in common with the ideals of the Founding Fathers than Marx or Lenin did. Our intrusions into the international affairs of other countries, and our dependence on the goods and services that they provide, have proven to be not just an albatross around the neck of the American people, but a threat to their very lives.

For example, the unrest and social upheaval taking place in the Middle East right now is not being done in a vacuum. Nor is it being conducted as an exercise in democracy, no matter what propaganda the national media would try to shove down your throat. It is an orchestrated uprising, funded and propelled by activists such as William Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and George Soros. 

And All Paths Lead to ...

According to World Net Daily contributor Aaron Klein, "Months before protests erupted throughout Egypt aimed at toppling the regime of President Hosni Mubarak, President Obama's own associates provoked anti-regime chaos in the streets of the now embattled Middle East country and longtime U.S. ally."

These same associates provoked another moment of chaos in January 2010 when they attempted to enter the Gaza Strip in a show of solidarity with the population and leadership of the Hamas-controlled area. Among the protestors at the January 2010 showdown with Mubarak's government was Jodie Evans, co-founder of Code Pink. This group had met before with Hamas and leaders of the Taliban.

Evans was a fundraiser for Obama's presidential campaign.

Another associate of President Obama, Ali Abunimah, was at this 2010 protest as well. He is the co-founder of the Electronic Intifada website (a radical anti-Israel website) and spoke alongside Obama at pro-Palestinian events in the 1990s.

William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were also among the agitators. These were two of the main founders of the Weather Underground, the group responsible for over 30 bombings in the United States aimed at destroying the security and infrastructure of this country. Ayers characterized the Underground as "an American Red Army" whose stated goals were to kill the rich people, kill the parents, and bring the revolution home.

William Ayers, the man Obama claimed he didn't know at all during the 2008 elections, was actually the ghostwriter of Obama's memoirs, Dreams of My Father, and a regular organizer of events at which the Obama's attended.

And of course George Soros's money funds all these groups, in one way or another.

The Dynamics Are Changing

While certainly not in favor of any despotic government that refuses to allow true freedom and democracy to flourish, this uprising in Egypt will only fuel further Islamic strangleholds on this volatile region.

The main players on the stage of Egypt's future are the Muslim Brotherhood (an offshoot of Hamas and ally of al-Qaeda) and ElBaradei, a former International Atomic Energy Agency director general, Egyptian law scholar, and ally of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood engages in frequent anti-Israel, anti-American vile rhetoric, yet our government chooses to support them over an ally that has kept a peace accord with Israel since the 1970s, a peace accord that we orchestrated and which brought a measure of stability to the region.

But what about the Egyptian people themselves? This is where the statistics get sobering. According to a December Pew Research poll, half of Egyptians support Hamas, the organization that is considered a terrorist group by our government, the European Union, Israel, Canada, and Japan. 95% of those polled say they want a stronger influence of Islam in their politics, and at least 75% of them said they would support elements of Sharia law, including stoning adulterers, cutting off the hands of thieves, and the death penalty for those who leave the Muslim faith.

So while the mainstream media pontificates on how the Middle East just wants a democratic process, the actions and words of the people and those organizing this rebellion belie that message.

And In Comes Al Qaeda, Stage Right...

And now within this mix we have elements of extreme terrorists who are either on the verge of having a nuclear bomb in their possession, or have already obtained one. According to documents leaked by Wikileaks and published in the London Telegraph, al-Qaeda has been actively recruiting rogue scientists and procuring nuclear material, all in an effort to build a "dirty bomb." They are using the instability of the area and the inability of governments under siege to advance their aims of destroying the West.

Our government has known since 2007 that al-Qaeda has made significant inroads in bioterrorism and nuclear procurement than previously realized.

And yet, our borders are still porous and we waste time on pat-downs and body scanning grandmothers, grandfathers, children, and invalids. Our government no longer abides by its mandate to secure our country and provide for the common defense of this nation.

Is There Anything We Can Do as Individuals?

I won't lie - if you're in the vicinity of a dirty bomb attack, you'll die. It's that simple and a horrible reality. However, if you are further outside the blast area, you do have a chance, and Solutions From Science has put together a manual detailing what you can do to increase your odds of survival.

Red Horse: How to survive a Nuclear Blast or Dirty Bomb is your guide to staying alive in a post-nuclear world. This manual is designed for the lay person who has one goal - keeping himself and his family alive.

In Red Horse: How to Survive a Nuclear Blast or Dirty Bomb you'll learn:

  • How to identify public areas to take shelter in if you know an attack is imminent
  • Rules to teach your loved ones that may save their lives and that even children can master
  • How to stay in communication with your family... even if the phone lines in your community are down
  • How you can prepare those with special needs, whether they are dietary in nature or a lack of mobility
  • Who is most likely to survive and how to make sure you and your family are in this group
  • What professions will be hit the worst... and what it means for you
  • The 10 obstacles survivors will have to overcome in the aftermath of a disaster

Red Horse: How to Survive a Nuclear Blast or Dirty Bomb prepares you for a world in chaos. Included in this manual are guidelines that tell you how to:

  • Find a fallout shelter where you live and what items you should never take with you under any circumstances
  • How to live well when essential services get cut off
  • How long to stay inside after the blast
  • How to manage your emergency water supplies in a nuclear blast (including water treatment techniques)
  • Apply food rationing strategies for survival after the blast
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes you can make before, during and after a blast
  • How to know when it's safe to return to a contaminated area
  • Why most "doomsdayers" are just plain wrong about surviving an attack
  • One cheap substance that (because of its negative ionic charge) can rapidly pull radiation from the body
  • How to build a fallout shelter for very little money (step-by-step instructions almost anyone can follow)
  • How to turn your basement into a super shelter
  • What really happens to people in a nuclear blast
  • What is an electromagnetic pulse?
  • What are the components of fallout?
  • Three kinds of radiation given off by fallout
  • How to set up a "warning watch" system?
  • What to do if you see "the flash"

Red Horse: How to Survive a Nuclear Blast or Dirty Bomb is one of the most comprehensive survival manuals that Solutions From Science has put out, and is so timely for the threats that we face today. We, as a free society, are under attack by people who want to kill us. Our government has refused to address that threat in any meaningful way, and we cannot rely on that government to save us. These are NOT pie-in-the-sky threats - these are dangers that our government has known about for years, yet has decided to hide its head in the sands of political correctness and expediency, hoping that the threat and eventuality will just go away. This is a totally unacceptable response from the government of this republic!

I urge you, before you're caught up in a terrorist attack that is becoming increasingly inevitable, learn what you can to survive. Red Horse: How to Survive a Nuclear Blast or Dirty Bomb is the one book that may mean the difference between life and death for you and your family.

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  A Crippling EMP Attack Threat #1:

The Top 11 Threats To the Power Grid Published By: Off The Grid News “Airplanes would literally fall from the sky, cars and trucks would stop working, and water, sewer, and electrical networks would fail.” It sounds like something from an apocalyptic Hollywood movie – but the threat is very real. That threat is EMP, short for electromagnetic pulse. In a report recently released by the Heritage Foundation, a leading U.S. think tank, national security experts warned President Obama about the potential EMP threat from hostile nations or even terrorists. A nuclear bomb detonated high above the earth’s surface wouldn’t destroy people or property directly – but depending on where it was detonated, it could severely damage, if not completely destroy, the electrical power grid. An EMP weapon would also destroy all things electronic – airplanes, vehicles, communications networks, computers, and more. The report, entitled EMP Attacks – What the U.S. Must Do Now, pulls no punches. The consequences of an EMP attack would be catastrophic. According to the report, “Food would rot, medical services would collapse, and transportation would become almost non-existent.” The resulting chaos that would ensue if that were to happen is nearly unimaginable. Unlike a nuclear bomb detonated at ground level, an EMP device would not kill the surrounding population immediately. Instead, it would destroy the grid, returning America to a pre-industrial level of technology. Millions of people would suffer slow, agonizing deaths from starvation, lack of clean water, and lack of medical care. While hostile nations may have the capability for a large-scale EMP attack, even a “smaller” EMP attack by terrorists would have catastrophic consequences. An EMP device can fit in a backpack or be launched from the back of a van. A device called an explosively pumped flux compression generator (EPFCG)1 could be carried by a single individual. In the hands of a suicide bomber, this device could release pulses in the millions of amperes and tens of terawatts. An EMP set off in New York City could conceivably stop the entire Northeast corridor cold. Repairs to the grid would take years. In the meantime, with no power, cities and suburbs would become a very dangerous place to live. People who live in the countryside, with access to arable land, well water, and who have alternative energy sources, would have the best chances for survival. 

Threat #2:

 Devastating Solar Storms An EMP set off in New York City could conceivably stop the entire Northeast corridor cold.Repairs to the grid would take years. In the meantime, with no power,cities and suburbs would become a very dangerous place to live. People who live in the countryside, with access to arable land, well water, and who have alternative energy sources, would have the best chances forsurvival.While an EMP attack from a hostile power is possible, there’s an equally devastating threat that’s even more likely. And it doesn’t come from any earthly power. Approximately every 22 years, the sun enters a period of intense magnetic storms typified by the appearance of numerous sunspots. During these storms, the sun ejects plumes of hot gas and magnetic energy. One flare can contain the equivalent of one-sixth of the sun’s total energy. And this happens in one second.Most flares are small. But some are so powerful that they tear away chunks of solar mass. These chunks become balls of magnetized plasma, hurtling into space. These are called coronal mass ejections (CMEs). When they hit the Earth’s atmosphere, they not only interact with our planet’s magnetic field and cause the northern lights (aurora borealis), but they also threaten satellites and astronauts with intense radiation bursts. In 1958, a massive CME produced northern lights that could be seen in Mexico. CMEs don’t just make pretty lights in the midnight sky. Huge CMEs can knock out power. On Friday March 10, 1989, astronomers witnessed a billion ton cloud of solar plasma (electrically charged gas) wrench itself from the sun’s corona and head straight toward the Earth at a million miles an hour. On Sunday, March 12, the plasma cloud reached Earth’s magnetic field, causing a geomagnetic storm. The northern lights in stunning shades of red, purple, and green could be seen as far south as Florida and Cuba. This wasn’t just a pretty light show. The magnetic disturbance created a geomagnetic-induced current, or GIC, in the ground beneath North America. When an EMP occurs on the high-voltage grid,large amounts of additional current – GIC – are induced in power lines. The current passes on to generators and transformers down the line. Since there is so much current in the system, transformers can overload, overheat, and fail —or sometimes even explode.Just past 2:44 AM on March 13, Quebec’s power grid crashed, cutting off nearly 2,000 megawatts of power to the northeastern U.S.2 Six million people lost power for nine hours. Weather temperatures in some parts of Quebec were at a dangerous -15°F. Though the 1989 storm was serious, Canada got off lightly. Geomagnetic field severity is measured in nanotesla per minute (nT/min). The 1989 storm only reached an intensity of about 480 nT/min. Solar CME storms have produced fields as large as 2000 nT/min. However, a solar storm on May 14–15 in 1921 that disrupted telegraphs across the country may have reached 4800 to 5000 nT/min.It’s Not a Question of “If” … It’s a Question of “When” Under direction of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Metatech Corporation carried out a study of the North American grid’s vulnerabilities to geomagnetic storms. According to the study’s principle investigator, John Kappenman, the big reason the grid is vulnerable stems from the practice of transmitting large amounts of power over long distances cheaply. The fact that the grid is over stretched and overloaded makes the catastrophic multiregional impact of a magnetic storm all the more likely.3 Current operating procedures used on the grid were adapted in the wake of the March 1989 event and are designed to boost operational reserves — but they still leave us with a gaping vulnerability. They do not prevent or reduce GIC flowing onto the grid. One of the chief hardware problems is the huge multi-ton extra-high voltage (EHV) transformers that dot switching yards throughout the country. Kappenman says that these giant pieces of vital hardware undergo well-documented failure when surges cause them to overheat, melt, and burn (many are immersed in oil for coolant). They cannot be repaired in the field. They must be replaced with a new unit. Manufacturing lead times are, at a bare minimum, one year, but three years is more the norm. The units are not made in the United States; they’re made in China. With over 300 EHV transformers deployed throughout the country and at risk during a geomagnetic event, the threat of a geomagnetic storm as big as the Carrington Event in 1859, or the solar storm in 1921, borders on the apocalyptic. Damage could be avoided, if …Much of the damage from a solar storm could be avoided if inexpensive, supplemental, neutral ground resistors were installed to harden transformers against GIC.4 Kappenman argued in a statement to the Department of Homeland Security that: “A hardening program that expends even as much as $1 billion to protect the U.S. power grid against a severe geomagnetic storm, an event that has occurred before and is certain to occur again, is still far cheaper than the costs of a widespread blackout to the U.S. economy.” At this writing, it’s been 22 years since solar storms crashed the Quebec grid in 1989. The next series of intense solar magnetic storms are expected between 2011 and 2013.5 According to the National Academies of Sciences, it would take four to ten years – and one to two trillion dollars – to restore the grid. Congress created an EMP commission to look into the threat. The findings were grim. According to a report issued by the commission, “Within 12 months of an EMP attack or a massive solar flare, between two-thirds to 90 percent of the U.S. population would perish.” In August 2010, during an unusual show of bipartisan support, the House of Representatives passed the GRID Act by unanimous vote. This crucial piece of legislation authorized the federal government to take emergency measures to protect some 300 giant power transformers around the country. The bill died in the Senate. At this writing, no further GIC hardening program for the grid has been announced. Inquiries to local and regional utility companies about their plans to prepare for solar storms have been met with silence. “Within 12 months of an EMP attack or a massive solar flare, between two-thirds to 90 percent of the U.S. population would perish.” Help a friend by forwarding this newsletter to them! 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Only The Beginning of America's problems